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Grammar Works

Sample resources

Below you can get a taster of our daily planning, overview and steps to success.

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Yearly Overviews

Included in our subscriptions are Yearly Overviews for every year group. These break down each week into assessable questions. Our simple colour-coded system makes it clear whether you are looking at structure and sequencing, spellings, word classes or punctuation. Click here to sample our Year Six overview.

Steps to Success

Every day of the academic year, every year group, has their Grammar Works learning broken down into a manageable step. These steps are progressive, not only within the year group, but across the school. UKS2 have more of a focus on the 'why and how', deepening their long-term memory, whereas KS1 are introduced to new topics by exploring 'what and when'. Click here to access a sample of Year Four's Steps to Success.

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Daily resources

For every day of the academic year, you will be provided with either a worksheet or powerpoint resource. We firmly believe that oracy plays a key part in embedding learning in the long-term memory and henceforth, most weeks contain at least one practical, oracy based lesson. Click here to access a week of Year Five adverbial resources.

Assessment tools

Each year group has an easy-to-use excel sheet on which they can track their class, year group or schools progress.

Click here to download the Year Four assessment grid for the year.

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